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Like every year we’ll be bringing you all the release info on entries of this years Eurovision stars.

You'll find all official releases (physical and digital), promo info (as much as possible) and the odd coverversion, chart position and important trivia.
Always more to come, the latest updated pages are at the top of this links list.
Thanks to all record companies and delegations who sent info, much appreciated!
Special thanks to Frederick and to Nigel, couldn't have done it without you.

Switzerland - ZiBBZ siblings win Die ESC 2018 Entscheidungsshow, Revamp versions out now, versions updates. It takes a village to get the cdsingle.
Australia - Jessica Mauboy returns to Europe, for serious this time. 7th Heaven remix on the way? cdsingle update, Remixes out now.
Denmark - Melodi Grand Prix Songs Out (if you're in Denmark), Rasmussen wins. Acoustic versions out now, Remixes Vol. 1.
Israel - Netta Barzilai wins HaKokhav HaBa and comes a'cluckin'.  single version, remixes released. Winner Eurovision 2018.
Moldova - O melodie pentru Europa won by DoReDos, New version, Russian version. More remixes out now, updates
Cyprus - Eleni Foureira is on Fire!, Fuego revealed, Spanish version out now. 2nd place in Final.
Austria - Cesar Sampson to Lisbon, listen to Nobody But You, updates, 3rd Place and winner of the Jury Final.
Germany - Michael Schulte's Lied Für Lissabon. Dreamer album info, cdsingle on May 4.
Lithuania - Ieva Zasimauskaitė wins Eurovizijos Atranka, English and Lithuanian versions released, Jovani remixes out now
Slovenia - Lea Sirk wins EMA 2018, Thanks, No! Yes! Final! Great! Music Please!
Macedonia - Eye Cue Lost and found and Lost again, but a new remix is out now, without the reggae bits!
Norway - Melodi Grand Prix picks a winner: A Fairytale come true? Rybak returns, winner of Semi 1
Ukraine - Нацотбора Євробачення. Youlovin Mélovin?
Serbia - Beovizija songs online, Sanja Ilić & Balkanika win, versions update
Sweden - Melodifestivalen CD out now, Benjamin Ingrosso to Lisbon. Remixes out now.
Hungary - A Dal 2CD out now, Let's get loud with AWS, Listen to Summer gone, all versions updated
Ireland - Ryan O'Shaughnessy to Lisbon  To the Final but not in China.
Netherlands - Outlaw Waylon back after the storm, CD / LP The World Can Wait out now. Create your own Outlaw poster
Armenia - Sevak Khanagyan wins Depi Evratesil, Back to the Motherland with Remix.
Albania - The first song for Lisbon, new Eurovision version remains in Albanian, promo info update
Finland - Finland sends Monsters. Again! WWW album info, Remixes out now, Twilight version
Czech Republic - Eurovision Song CZ, Mikolas Josef wins the ticket to Lisbon. Explicit issues fixed, new version(s), Spanish version on the way
Estonia - Eurolaul goes Classic: La Forza to Lisbon, Remixes out now!
Bulgaria -  Equinox got some Bones to pick. Listen now, Listen to the Remix Competition mixes
Croatia - Stop! Franka's going Crazy/Home, Midnight session and remixes out now
Iceland - Söngvakeppnin's choice is Ari Ólafsson, versions, updates. Not Europe's choice
Let's Get Physical - Quick list of physical releases, now with Book section.
Spain - Operación Triunfo revived, Alfred & Amaia to Eurovision, Eurovision Gala CD on February 23. New version of the Cancion and even more OT CDs, cdsingle(s) out now, Your Song in English
Your Boarding pass, the Handbook for Lisbon
United Kingdom - Eurovision you decide, songs out! SuRie Storms to Lisbon. New version released, 7th Heaven remixes out now! calm after the Storm: Acoustic version out now
Belarus - Еўрабачанне-2018, Alekseev wins, new version out now, The Forever EP, remix, No bed of roses for Alekseev!
France - Destination Eurovision for Madame Monsieur, Mercy already a top 10 hit. Vu D'Ici album info, promo English & Spanish versions, remixes, listen
Romania - Selecţia Naţională won by Humans!, remixes, promo updates, Goodbye indeed.
Montenegro - Vanja Radovanović wins Montevizija, updates
Georgia - Georgia on your mind?, Ethno Jazz Band Iriao is there For You.
San Marino - First time ever National Final result! Digital release.
Italy - the 68th Sanremo. CD out on Februari 9. Sanremo Vinili, Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro win the ticket. ESC version
Portugal the country - Cláudia Pascoal wins Festival da Canção. FdC CD out now
Poland - Gromee and Lukas win Krajowych Eliminacji Eurowizji 2018, CD Chapter One on March 16. promo info
Malta - MESC 2018 won by Christabelle's Taboo. update
Russia - Yulia Samoylova, allowed in Lisbon, won't break but something broke: Russia run of consecutive finals.
Latvia - Supernova do Brazil, Laura Rizzotto
Greece - NF axed, Yianna Terzi to Lisbon and back home again
Belgium - A matter of (out of) time for Sennek?.
Azerbaijan - Aisel Cross your heart and hope to ... win! get home safely
Absent Friends - Let's raise a glass...

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Switzerland - Stones - ZiBBZ

The Revamp version DRI
13 - 86 pts in semi 1

Sister and brother duo ZiBBZ (siblings, ZiBBZ, get it?...) will entered their song Stones for Switzerland in the Lisbon contest.
They wrote the song themselves with Canadian singer/songwriter Laurell Barker.

Stones was released as a digital single on January 9. A new version was revealed on March 13.
A new version was released as the Revamp version on March 23 along with its karaoke and instrumental (6003 records). (iTunes)
The version we heard at the contest is the Show Edit from the promo cds. (see versions below)
The promo also has biogarphies, videos and photos.

ZiBBZ are Corinne Gfeller (Coco) and Stefan Gfeller (Stee). They are currently based in Los Angeles where they recorded their second album It Takes A Village which was released in September 2017.
See full discography below.

Switzerland had six songs to choose from in their ESC 2018 Entscheidungsshow on February 4.
You can listen to all songs here at SRF's Youtube channel.

Picture from Zibbz shop/website
Promo and cdsingle
The promo used in Lisbon is a cd with added data content. It has 4 versions of Stones (see versions below).
There's also a cdsingle on sale through the Zibbz website, but they only sell it with the album It Takes A Village.
This cdsingle has three versions.

Stones - Show edit
- promo, this is the one used at the contest
Stones - Revamp version a.k.a. Radio edit
- on the Lisbon 2CD, cdsingle and promo
Stones - (Revamp) karaoke
- cdsingle and promo
Stones - (Revamp)  instrumental
- cdsingle and promo
Stones - Original single version
- all are also digital releases except the Show edit

Original Digital Release Image
Switzerland top 100: 62, -

Links and sources:
Thanks to Julia at SRF and thanbks to Nigel
ZiBBZ: Website, Facebook, Youtube Channel, Instagram
SRF Eurovision pages
More Swiss entries to check out: 20172016 - 2015 - 2014 - 2013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009

ZiBBZ discography
2013: Ready? Go! (CD and digital #14 on the Swiss charts)
2017: It Takes A Village (CD and digital, #11)
CD's are available at the ZiBBZ shop.
2011: WWW.Ahh
2012: One Shot
2013: Wake Up!
2013: Neonlights
2014: Dynamite Blonde
2014: Undone
2017: Paperplane
2017: Run
2018: Stones
All singles are available through digital sources. 

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Australia - We Got Love - Jessica Mauboy

Cd single cover
20 - 99 pts, 4 - 212 in semi 2

Jessica Mauboy represented Australia in the 2018 contest. It was the 2nd time we saw her on the Eurovision stage: She performed her single Sea Of Flags in Copenhagen (2014) when she presented Australia in the interval of the 2nd Semifinal.

The song We Got Love is released as a digital single on March 10. (Sony)
A cdsingle is out now (May 11). The single version is longer than the Eurovision version. (see versions below).
Check out Jessica's website for details on ordering.
(Sony Music Australia 19075837742)

7th Heaven DRI
A 7th Heaven remix is made and approved and will hopefully get a decent release soon.
There's a snippet here.
Four remixes were released (digital) on May 18, see versions below.

We Got Love is written by David Musumeci and Anthony Egizii (both of DNA Music) with Jessica Mauboy herself.
Musumeci & Egizii also wrote the Australian songs of 2016 and 2017 so they're fast becoming the Ralph Siegel or Thomas G:Son of Australia.

Jessica Mauboy scored 25 times on the Australian charts (9 top 10 hits) since her debut in Australian Idol in 2006.
She currently stars in the TV series The Secret Daughter for which she also recorded two albums with music from the shows. The first Secret Daughter album reached No. 1 in the Australian album charts, the 2nd one got to No. 2. Both albums feature mostly coverversions of well known hits.(but no Eurovision tune in sight).

Tobtok remix DRI
We Got Love - Eurovision edit
- official Lisbon 2CD
We Got Love - single version (3:22)
- digital release, (forthcoming) cdsingle
We Got Love - 7th Heaven remix 
We Got Love - Tobtok remix
We Got Love - Glammstar remix
We Got Love - Country Club martini Crew remix
- remixes digital releases, all are radio edits
We Got Love - 7th Heaven remix *
We Got Love - Tobtok remix *
We Got Love - Glammstar remix *
- * these three remixes are the full mixes only distributed to DJ's

We Got Love - karaoke version
- digital on the official karaoke album
More remixes are made, but so far none of them have been released to the public yet. See comments

Australian top 100 (Aria): 47, -
Sweden top 100: 86
France top 200 (Ifop): 148

Digital Release Image
Links and sources:
Thanks to Marsman and to Frederick
Jessica Mauboy: Website, Facebook, Instagram
More Australia: 2017 - 2016 - 2015 - (2014)

You'll find details on all Eurovision remixes made by 7th Heaven at the end of the 2017 U.K. post about Lucie Jones

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Denmark - Higher Ground - Rasmussen

Second DRI
9 - 226 pts, 5 - 204 in semi 2

Higher Ground by Rasmussen was the 2018 Eurovision entry for Denmark. The song is written by Niclas Arn and Karl Eurèn.
The song is sung in English but there's one line in Icelandic sung by the backing vocals: "Taka stökk til hærri jörð, taka" (Take a jump to the higher ground, take...)

Higher Ground has been released as a digital single along with instrumental and karaoke versions.
On May 9 the Acoustic version was released along with it's karaoke, instrumental and acapella.

Four remixes were released on May 15 under the tantalizing title of Higher Ground Remixes Vol. 1. (digital release, see versions below)

Acoustic versions DRI
Jonas Flodager Rasmussen a.k.a. Bon Jonesy is the lead singer of rock cover band Hair Metal Heröes.

Higher Ground - single version
Higher Ground - karaoke
Higher Ground - instrumental
- first digital release.
Higher Ground - Acoustic
Higher Ground - Acoustic karaoke
Higher Ground - Acoustic instrumental
Higher Ground - Acoustic acapella
- Acoustics are digital releases (May 9)
Remixes Vol 1 DRI
Higher Ground - Renegade remix
Higher Ground - 5&Dime remix
Higher Ground - 5&Dime remix extended
Higher Ground - Dany Comaro remix
- above 4 remixes digital in Remixes Vol. 1 (May 15)
A Matt Pop remix and its instrumental have been made but have not been officially released (yet). Have a listen at Matt Pop's Youtube.

Danish Tracklisten top 40: 9, 15, 30, -
Sweden top 100: 29
Germany top 100: 89
France top 200 (Ifop): 65
Switzerland top 100: 43

Denmark announced their list of hopefuls for the 2018 contest on January.
The songs are released on February 5, the final is on February 10.
It seems most are now available outside Denmark. Higher Ground is available worldwide, but the Sannie song isn't.

One of the contestants was Sannie, the artist formerly known as Whigfield. I have so many fond memories of her 1994 hit Saturday Night. She didn't make it to the final three.
The full list is here at DR.

1st Digital release image
Links and sources:
Thanks to Marek and to Marsman (see comments) and to Frank
Rasmussen: Hair Metal Heröes Facebook, Bon Jonesy Instagram
DR Eurovision / MGP pages
Denmarks recent entries: 20172016 - 2015 - 2014 - 2013 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009 

Monday, May 14, 2018

Moldova - My Lucky Day - DoReDoS

Digital Release Image
10 - 209 pts, 3 - 235 in semi 2

DoReDoS won the Moldovan  National Final O Melodie Pentru Europa on the 24th of February.
Their song My Lucky Day is written by Russian Eurovision star Philippe Kirkorov and Swedish songwriter/producer John Ballard.
Listen here at DoReDoS Youtube

A new version of the song was revealed on March 13. It's here.
The digital single was released on iTunes on March 23 and on Amazon on April 6.

The promo cd has nine versions, see versions below. It also has a bonus track Constantine and a video of MLD.

A Russian version is recorded (video) and a Romanian one may follow, watch this space.....
Remixes of the English and Russian version were released on May 11.

DoReDoS are Marina Djundiet, Eugeniu Andrianov, and Sergiu Mita.
They have two more Eurovision attempts to their name.
In 2015 they ended 6th in the Moldovan final with Maricica.
In 2016 they ended 4th with Funnyfolk

DoReDos composer and mentor Philippe Kirkorov is a bit of a Russian legend. He participated in the 1995 Eurovsision himself without much success but he has been involved with Eurovision on many occasions as songwriter, producer, jury and all round uncle. He co-wrote the Belorussian entry in 2007 (Work Your Magic by Koldun) and the 2008 entry for Ukraine (Ani Lorak's Shady Lady)
He also recorded many Eurocovers (coverversions of Eurovision songs), I'll see if I can get into that later....

John Ballard co-wrote several Eurovision entries: Azerbaijan 2013, Russia 2014, Russia 2016 and Greece 2017.
He also entered in the Swedish Melodifestival (as a singer) in 1983 and 1984.
In the 90's he wrote and produced several hits for Ace Of Base

Remix DRI
My Lucky Day - Eurovision version*
- On the Lisbon 2CD
My Lucky Day (a.k.a. Мой Счастливый День) - Russian version
- video
My Lucky Day - Shantel remix
- DoReDos youtube
My Lucky Day - Russian Shantel remix
My Lucky Day - Remix by Ra
My Lucky Day - DJ Katya Guseva remix*
My Lucky Day - DJ Katya Guseva remix (Russian)*
My Lucky Day - Shantel remix karaoke
My Lucky Day - Karaoke Instrumental *
- all above on promo cds, versions marked * have been released digitally
My Lucky Day - First version
- DoReDos youtube

Picture from DoReDos Facebook
Links and sources:
Thanks to DoReDos
DoReDos: WebsiteFacebook, Instagram
Moldova's greatest bits: 20172016 - 2015 2014 - 2013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Israel - Toy - Netta Barzilai

Congratulations Netta!                      ברכות לישראל
and Jubilations to Israel who clocked up their 4th victory in Eurovision history.
And mazzeltov to the songwriters Doron Medalie and Stav Beger who told us many moons ago that they thought that had a potential winner on their hands. How nice it is to be right!
Now get working on that cdsingle, 12"inch with remixes and a full Netta album for us millions to enjoy.

1 - 529 pts / 1 - 283 pts in semi 1
Digital Release Image
Netta Barzilai (נטע ברזילי) represented Israel in Lisbon and lead the country to victory.
She won the televote in the final and aso won her semi-final.

Israel selected their singer for Eurovision through reality show / singing competition HaKokhav HaBa (The Next Star, הַכּוֹכָב הַבָּא). The song is titled Toy and was officially revealed on March 11.
(even though it leaked two days before that).

Toy is written by Doron Medalie and Stav Beger. Doron Medalie also wrote the Israeli entry Golden Boy from 2015.

Watch the Toy videoclip here at
Two versions have been released as digital singles, the original single version at most sources and the video version.
It's the single version that ended up on the official Lisbon album but the video version was performed at the contest.

No physical release or promo has been released yet. The picture discs offered at e-bay are counterfeit, unofficial, without permission, illegal etc. Don't buy them.

Remix DRI
A remix by Sagi Kariv is now uploaded to Netta's Youtube and released digitally.
An extended remix is at Sagi Kariv's Soundcloud.
Not all digital sources have all released versions, you'll have to do some searching for yourself.
The Chen Leiba remix was released on March 3 along with its instrumental.

Netta Barzilai considers herself a Looping Artist which more or less means she performs while synthesing her own sounds in her songs to be used as soon as they happen. It's like what JOWST did last year but our Netta takes it to the next extreme. Can't wait to see how it will work at Eurovision.

Chen Leiba Remix DRI
Toy - music video version
- video at, digital release
Toy - single version
- digital release, the official Lisbon album
Toy - Sagi Kariv remix
- video, digital release
Toy - Sagi Kariv Extended remix
- Sagi Kariv Soundcloud, digital release
Toy - Chen Leiba remix
Toy - Chen Leiba remix instrumental
- Chen Leiba mixes are digital releases
Toy - karaoke (= instrumental of the single version)
- digital on the official karaoke album

Belgium (Flanders) top 50: 29
Sweden top 100: 5
Netherlands top 100: 60
Ireland top 100 (IRMA): 63
U.K. top 100: 49
German top 100: 19
Norway VG lista 40: 19
France top 200 (Ifop): 16
Switzerland top 100: 34

Pic sampled from Netta's Facebook
Links and sources:
Thanks to Frederick and to Nigel.
Netta Barzilai: Facebook, Instagram
The Next Star at
More Eurovision gems from Israel: 20172016 - 2015 2014 2013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009

Cyprus - Fuego - Eleni Foureira

Digital Release Image
2 - 436 pts, 2 - 262 pts in semi 1

Eleni Foureira (Ελένη Φουρέιρα, born Entela Fureraj) sang for Cyprus in Lisbon and clocked the best result for the country since the started their Eurovision adventures in 1981.

Her song Fuego is written by Alex Papaconstantinou (a.k.a. Alex P.) Geraldo Sandell, Viktor Svensson,  Anderz Wrethov and Didrick.
The song was revealed on March 2 and released as a digital single on March 9 (Panik records)
Watch and listen here at Panikrecords Youtube.
A Spanish version was released as a digital single on May 11.

A promo set is issued. It features a CD album and CDRom with info and videos.
Both discs include the Eurovision version of Fuego, the instrumental and karaoke.
The picture discs offered at e-bay are counterfeit, unofficial, without permission, illegal etc. Don't buy them.

So far Eleni Foureira (born Entela Fureraj) has released four solo albums, the most recent being Vasilissa (Βασίλισσα, Queen)
In 2010 Eleni featured on the Greek National Final entry Kivotos Tou Noe (Noah's Ark) by Manos Pyrovolakis which ended 2nd.

Golden Girl
Eleni Foureira  recorded a greek version of Golden Boy the Israeli entry of 2015.
The song is itled Στο Θεό Με Πάει / Sto Theo Me Paei and you can have a listen at the tube of Panik records.

For Alex P. it's the 4th Eurovision song that features him as a co-writer.
2007 - Yassou Maria - Sarbel (Greece, 7th place)
2009 - Always - Aysel & Arash (Azerbaijan, 3rd)
2012 - La La Love - Ivi Adamou (Cyprus, 16th)
He also wrote songs for Antique and Elena Paparizou solo.

- digital release
Fuego - Spanish version
- digital single
Fuego - karaoke
- digital on the official karaoke album
Fuego - instrumental
- all except Spanish on promo album

Sweden top 100: 15
Netherlands top 100: 96
Ireland top 100 (IRMA): 50
U.K. top 100: 64
Germany top 100: 84
Norway VG lista 40: 24
France top 200 (Ifop): 70
Switzerland top 100: 46
Spain Physical+Digital sales top 50: 23

2017 CD Βασίλισσα (Vasilissa)
Links and sources:
Elena Foureira: Website, Facebook, Instagram
More Cyprus in Eurovision: 2017 -  2016 - 2015 - 2013 - 2012 2011 - 2010 - 2009 

Austria - Nobody But You - Cesár Sampson

Digital Release Image
3 - 342 pts, 4 - 231 pts in semi 1

César Sampson's Nobody But You was the winner of the jury in the Lisbon final.

Already in December ORF introduced Cesár Sampson as the singer of the Austrian Eurovision entry for Lisbon.
Singer and songwriter Sampson already had a little Eurovision experience: He was a backing vocalist for the Bulgarian entries of 2016 and 2017.

Nobody But You is written by Boris Milanov, Sebastian Arman, Joacim Persson and Johan Alkenäs.
Milanov and Persson were also behind the Bulgarian entries of 20182017 and 2016.
(Arman was a co-writer in 2016 too)

The video was revealed on March 9, the digital single was released on March 10.
Karaoke and instrumental were added on March 28.
Watch and listen here.

A promo cds is issued. It has the original, instrumental and karaoke versions.
The picture discs offered at e-bay are counterfeit, unofficial, without permission, illegal etc. Don't buy them.
Alternate Digital Release Image

Nobody But You - single version
Nobody But You - karaoke version
Nobody But You - instrumental version
- digital releases

Austria top 75: 64
Sweden top 100: 55
Germany top 100: 93
France top 200 (Ifop): 97
Switzerland top 100: 45

Links and sources:
Cesár Sampson: Facebook, Instagram
Austria's Eurovision glory: 20172016 - 2015 - 2014 - 2013 - 2012 2011

At the end of the 2014 Conchita post at the Copenhagen Collection you can find a list with all charts results of Austrian entries in the home charts. (1965 to 2017)

Friday, May 11, 2018

Lithuania - When We're Old - Ieva Zasimauskaitė

Digital Release Image
12 - 181 pts, 9 - 119 pts in semi 1

Ieva Zasimauskaitė represented Lithuania in the 2018 contest with the song When We're Old written by Vytautas Bikus.
Lithuania selected their entry for Lisbon through I don't know how many rounds. 48 songs and the final on March 11.

Ieva also recorded the song in Lithuanian as Kol Myliu.

Here's the videoclip (studioversion) and the Lithuanian version.

Both version were released (digital) on March 15. A remix by Jovani was released on April 19 (and revealed earlier on Ieva's facebook). The remix of the Lithuanian version was released on May 4.

A promo cdsingle is issued for Lisbon. see versions below.

Lithuanian version DRI
Ieva Zasimauskaitė participated in the Lithuanian selection a few times:
2013 I fall In Love (duet with Gabrielius Vagelis) 5th 
2014 As a singer, didn’t get to the stage with the participating songs.
2016 Life (Not That Beautiful) 4th

When We're Old - English version
Kol Myliu - Lithuanian version
- digital releases
When We're Old - Jovani remix
- digital release
Kol Myliu - Jovani remix (Lithuanian)
When We're Old - karaoke
- digital on the official karaoke album
- all except the Lithuanian remix are on the promo

Remix DRI
Links and sources
Thanks to Frederick
Ieva Zasimauskaitė: Facebook, Instagram
LRT Eurovision pages
Lithuania's Eurovision attempts: 2017 - 2016 - 2015 - 2014 - 2013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009 

Macedonia - Lost And Found - Eye Cue

Digital Release Image
18 - 24 pts in semi 1

Macedonia (F.Y.R.) entered the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Lost And Found by the band Eye Cue. The song is written by band member Bojan Trajkovski.
The song was revealed on March 11.
Watch and listen here.

A digital single has the Eurovision and karaoke versions. (Effective records).
A 1-track promo cd is issued.
A remix was released on May 11.

Eye Cue currently are Marija Ivanovska, Bojan Trajkovski with drummer Ivo Mitkovski (who is in the video but not on the release image).

Lost And Found - Eurovision version
- promo, Lisbon 2CD
Lost And Found - Going Deeper Remix
Lost And Found - Karaoke
- all digital releases

Pic from Eye Cue CD Само Сакав! from 2015
Links and sources:
Thanks to Krzysztof
Eye Cue: Facebook, Instagram
MRT announcement
Macedonia's Eurovision adventures of 2017 -  2016 - 2015 - 2014 - 2013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009 

Armenia - Qami - Sevak Khanagyan

Digital release image
15 - 79 pts in semi 1

Qami by Sevak Khanagyan is the winner Depi Evratesil, the Armenian selection for Eurovision.
Qami (Քամի, Wind) is written by Sevak Khanagyan himself with Anna Danielyan and Viktorya Maloyan.
You can listen to the first studio version here (youtube), the Eurovision version is here at's Youtube

The digital single was released on March 28.
A promo cds is issued.
A remix was released on May 7.

Sevak (or Seva) Khanagyan (Սևակ Խանաղյան) has been doing his talent shows: He participated in The Voice Of Russia, won X-Factor Ukraine and is now a judge/coach on The Voice Armenia.
In recent years he has been releasing several (digital) singles, some in Armenian, most in Russian.
His most recent release is Yesli Vdrug (Если вдруг, If suddenly).
His most popular song is probably Hayrenik (Հայրենիք, Homeland) from 2016.
Picture from Sevak's Facebook
20 songs were participating in this years Armenian selection Depi Evratesil (Դեպի Եվրատեսիլ) .
You can listen to all the songs here at's Youtube channel.

Remix DRI
Qami - Eurovision version
- digital release
Qami - Remix
- digital release
Qami - Original version
- videoclip only
Qami - karaoke (= instrumental)
- digital on the official karaoke album

Links and sources:
Armenia's recent Eurovision history: 2017 -  2016 - 2015 - 2014 - 2013 - 2011 - 2010 -

Sweden - Dance You Off - Benjamin Ingrosso

Digital Release Image
7 - 274 pts, 2 - 254 pts in semi 2

Benjamin Ingrosso won the 17th edition of the "modern" Melodifestivalen.
His song Dance You Off is the Swedish entry for the Lisbon contest.
Dance You Off is written by Benjamin Ingrosso, MAG, Louis Schoorl and K Nita.
The song was released as a digital single on February 24 and can also be found on the Melodifestivalen 2CD (see below).

The Litek Remix was released on May 4. (digital release).
The Galavant mix was released on May 11
The extended version (also on the promo) is released on May 18 in the digital stores.

A promo cd has the Eurovision version and the extended version.

Dance You Off was Ingrosso's second MF entry. In 2017 his Good Lovin' ended 5th in the final.

Benjamin is only 20 but he's been a singer and recording artist for over half his life. In 2006 he won Lilla Melodifestivalen (kids MF) with Hey Sofia and in 2007 he had a No. 2 hit with Jag Är En Astronaut, a coverversion of Ricky Wildes (Kim's bro) 1972 single I Am An Astronaut.
He starred in several musicals but decided to focus on his solo work in 2014.

MF entry Good Lovin' was a No. 10 hit in Sweden and he scored two minor hits after that.
Benjamin Ingrosso is a prolific songwriter and he wrote most his singles himself.  (and a few for other artists as well).
An album is in the making and is planned for release later this year.
See below for his singles discography.

Of course we have to mention the family ties here because we, the Eurovision fans, love that kind of trivia. Benjamin's mom is Pernilla Wahlgren who entered the Swedish Melodifestival five times, but never made it to the Eurovision stage.
Her Piccadilly Circus (MF 1985) became a Swedish classic. Pernilla currently has a real life TV show Wahlgrens Värld (Wahgrens world) where Benjamin drops by from time to time.
Dad is Emilio Ingrosso, songwriter and dancer. Sebastian Ingrosso (of Axwell Λ Ingrosso) is his cousin and Charlotte Perrelli néé Nilsson is (or rather was I guess) his aunty.

Remix DRI
Dance You Off - Eurovision/MF version
- Melodifestivalen 2CD, digital single
Dance You Off - extended
- promo cds, digital release
Dance You Off - Litek remix
- digital release
Dance You Off - Galavant remix
- digital release
Dance You Off - karaoke
- digital on the official karaoke album
The official videoclip has a longer intro.

Swedish top 100: 17, 7, 2, 3, 7, 10, 16, 19, 47, 50, 44, 11
France top 200 (Ifop): 78

You know the recipe by now, four heats and a second chance round all in different cities culminating in a final on in Stockholm. 28 songs in all.
The Melodifestivalen 2018 2CD with all songs was released on February 25.

The official Melodifestivalen album has been the #1 selling album of the year in Sweden every year since 2007 but the 2016 edition got stuck at #3 and it got even worse in 2017 when it ended at #7. 
In 2004, 2005 and 2006 it was #2, in 2003 it was #4, in 2002 it was #13.
At the end of this page you can find statistics of all the chart activity of MF entries since the 'modern' MF was introduced.

Links and sources:
Thanks to Johanna and Therese at TEN records
Benjamin Ingrosso: FacebookInstagram, Page at Ten Music Group
SVT Melodifestivalen pages.
Charts at Sverige Topplistan.
Find out more about these Swedish entries: 2017 -  2016 - 2015 - 2014 - 2013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009

Benjamin Ingrosso Singles Discography
2017 hit Good Lovin' (DRI)
2018 Dance You Off (MF winner, #2 on the Swedish charts)
2017 One More Time (#79 on the Swedish charts)
2017 Do You Think About Me (#87)
2017 Good Lovin' (MF 2017, #10)
2016 Love You Again
2015 Home For Christmas
2015 Crystal Clear
2015 Fall In Love (#56)
All the above are still available at your favorite digitessen and streaming services.
and the early ones...
2007 Jag Är En Astronaut (cdsingle, #2 hit in Sweden)
2006 Hej Sofia

MF In the charts
So Melodifestivalen is big business and it makes Lotta Svenska Kronor, but it's good to see a good part of money going to good production of both the TV shows and the records. And a large part of the often recordbreaking televoting revenue always goes to charity, åååååh....

Below are the chart results of Melodifestivalen and Eurovision hits in the Swedish top 60 since 2002, when the 32 song MF was introduced.
In a sudden change, 2010 saw only a few entries released on cdsingle, and it showed decline in the number of MF hits.
Since a few years downloads are the main factor in  the Swedish charts so several Eurovision hits chart without being released on cdsingle. Some only chart one or two weeks just after the contest.

Melodifestivalen (and Eurovision) in the Swedish charts
2018 top 100: 21 MF hits - 7 top 10 hits - 1 #1 hit - 1 Eurovision hit
2017 top 100: 21 MF hits - 6 top 10 hits - 0 #1 hits - 9 Eurovision hits
2016 top 100: 26 MF hits - 9 top 10 hits - 2 #1 hits - 12 Eurovision hits
* 2016 Digilistan top 60 - 17 MF hits - 9 top 10 hits - 2 #1 hits
2015 top 100: 19 MF hits - 6 top 10 hits - 1 #1 hit - 6 Eurovision hits
* 2015 Digilistan top 60: 22 MF hits - 9 top 10 hits - 1 #1 hit - 14 Eurovision hits
2014: 17 MF hits - 5 top 10 hits - 1 #1 hit - 6 Eurovision hits
* 2014 Digilistan top 60 2014: 22 MF hits - 10 top 10 hits - 2 #1 hits - 18 Eurovision hits
2013: 22 MF hits - 6 top 10 hits - 1 #1 hit - 4 Eurovision hits
2012: 17 MF hits - 7 top 10 hits - 1 #1 hit - 4 Eurovision hits
2011: 18 MF hits - 7 top 10 hits - 1 #1 hit - 2 Eurovision hits
2010: 28 MF hits - 10 top 10 hits - 3 #1 hits - 9 Eurovision hits
2009: 28 MF hits - 12 top 10 hits - 2 # 1 hits - 16 Eurovision hits
A record breaking 15 Eurovision hits in the week after the contest, most on downloads alone
2008: 30 MF hits - 14 top 10 hits - 1 #1 hit - 9 Eurovision hits
2007: 28 MF hits - 10 top 10 hits - 2 #1 hits - 7 Eurovision hits
2006: 23 MF hits -10 top 10 hits - 3 #1 hits - 6 Eurovision hits
2005: 23 MF hits - 9 top 10 hits - 4 #1 hits - 3 Eurovision hits
2004: 22 MF hits - 8 top 10 hits - 1 #1 hit - 3 Eurovision hits
2003 : 17 MF hits - 8 top 10 hits - 3 #1 hits - 2 Eurovision hits
2002 : 13 MF hits - 4 top 10 hits - 1 #1 hit - 3 Eurovision hits

* 2014: The official charts in Sweden have gone a bit crap, with Spotify and other steamers as a much too infuential source. This list is still the 'official chart' but we'll feature the digilistan as well.
The Digilistan is now the main (digital) sales based Swedish chart.
Changes in 2015: The MF has only 28 entries and the official charts have gone up to a top 100.
Changes in 2016: The method for the official Swedish charts has changed again, now it is almost the same as the digilistan.

You can check your Swedish charts weekly at Sverige Topplistan